One World Soccer is excited to announce our new acting Technical Director, Eryck Avila from Avila Creative Soccer!

Since 2004, when he opened his first location, Eryck has specialized in technical training, intensity, and the physicality needed to succeed on the field.

As our acting Technical Director, Eryck will be working hands-on with our coaches weekly for curriculum and continued development.

Avila Soccer prides itself on these four principals for your player:




Decision Making





So what does this mean for your player?

This is the best part! Your player is going to get incredible benefits with this partnership with Avila Soccer.

Pre-Season Warm-up

For all One World Soccer players entering the 2023-2024 season, we are offering a complimentary pre-season training the week prior to the start of the season. Within the Avila Soccer indoor facility, your player will get a head-start on the upcoming season focusing on body positioning, foot skills, strength, and speed. No additional cost to you.

Exclusive Weekly Training

As part of your weekly training schedule, your player will train at an indoor Avila Soccer location once a week to enhance their skills using their proven methodology. At no additional cost.


In addition, your team will have complimentary access to the Avila Soccer App that will be used to track your player’s progress throughout the season.

For the 2023 – 2024 season, you will have access to the entire application suite created specifically for soccer players to continuously challenge them while during and in addition to their regular trainings. Detailed goals and reports will drive them to compete both against their peers and themselves.

Again, at no additional cost to you.

Change Starts Now

This announcement has been weeks in the making and we couldn’t be happier to share this with our families and players!

To learn more about Eryck and Avila Soccer, visit their website

About Eryck

Eryck played in four World Cup Qualifiers for the Puerto Rican National Soccer Team in 1994. He has played for professional teams in London, Liverpool and Buenos Aires. Eryck holds a Master of Sport Science degree from the United States Sports Academy, Sport Coaching, a B.A. in Political Science from SUNY Stony Brook, EMT-Paramedic certification from Scott & White Hospital, and is working towards a Doctor of Sports Management degree.

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