One World Soccer Travel Policy

All players and their parents or guardians agree to the following rules for Club travel:

  • No player will consume or possess alcoholic beverages or tobacco products.
  • No player will possess or be under the influence of any drug, narcotic, or controlled substance that has not been legally prescribed to that player.
  • Players will obey team curfews set by the coach.
  • For Tournaments that consist of both male and female teams, casual association during free time will be allowed in public areas only; absolutely no player will enter the room of any player of the opposite sex.
  • Players’ get-togethers will take place only in approved hotel areas. Approved areas are game rooms, pool areas, exercise rooms, lobbies and restaurants. Joy riding in elevators and roaming the hallways is not acceptable. Running and playing soccer in the hotel areas is prohibited.
  • A player whose parents are not on the trip or at the hotel, must have an adult present on the trip to report to; the player must keep this adult informed of their whereabouts at all times.

Prior to the trip, parents not traveling (or not staying in the hotel with the players) are responsible for making arrangements with one of the other adults to chaperone their child. However, all parents and players acknowledge that the ultimate responsibility for the conduct of each player lays with the player and his/her family. Further, it is understood that violation of the Travel Policy rules of conduct will result in discipline by the player’s coach, ranging from benching to suspension from the team.

Each parent, guardian and player waives all rights to make any claim for injury or other loss against One World Soccer of Texas or another parent, player, coach, guardian, or any agent of the club who drives, supervises or chaperones players during a club trip, tournament or other organized club event, unless the injury or loss is the result of that person’s or entity’s gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

One World Soccer Travel Policy

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