Player Development

Training + Tracking = Transformation

Playermaker empowers young aspiring soccer players to track their technical and physical performance turning any shoe into a smart shoe.

Allow your player to own their journey by measuring, learning and improving over time.

Metrics & Reporting

6-axis motion smart sensors

Built with a gyroscope and accelerometer that samples movement events at 1000 times/sec, which allows the measurement of every micro-movement, including impact with the ground, with the ball and the rotation of each foot.

Strong – Seamless Straps

Two waterproof sensors (L+R) located inside the durable silicone straps, suitable for all playing conditions. The straps comes in 2 sizes (M / L), to fit kids adults, women and men alike.

Track Your Progress Over Time

Monitor the trends of your stats and see how you are developing.

Compare and Benchmark

Compare with yourself, friends, teammates based on your age and gender benchmarks.

Monitors Indoor and Outdoor Activity

Requires no infrastructure, wifi or GPS signal to collect data.

Bluetooth Enabled

Operated using bluetooth to sync the data.

Download the CityPlay app

Training Highlights

Focus on 15+ soccer specific metrics to improve in your trainings and reflect in your match highlight metrics.

Ball touches

The total number of times your leg came in contact with the ball.

Total Distance

The total distance you covered during an activity.


The total number of high-speed changes you made above 2 m/s2 for at least 0.5 second.

Kicking power

The maximum speed of your foot during the kick.

Sprint distance

The total distance you covered above the speed threshold of 5.5 m/s for Pro Sprints or 4.2 m/s for Youth Sprints.

Intense Turns

Total number of times you changed running direction at least 30 degrees while running faster than 14/4kph.

Revolutionary Rating System

Unlock your spider chart by playing 3 games, keep recording your match sessions as the spider chart takes the average of your best CITYPLAY games.

OWS Player Development

One World Soccer is dedicated to your player’s development. Utilizing the technology and the data reporting will not only show progress, but areas where more progress is needed throughout the season.

As the club continues striving to compete at the highest levels, we are requiring all ECNL RL players to use the Playermaker sensors throughout the 2023-2024 season; both for trainings and games.

We are highly recommending all players across the club use the sensors, but for non-ECNL RL players it is not a requirement to purchase for this season.

This critical data will help the coaches see the development progress of your player to ensure weekly trainings address the issues either by player or across the team.

ENCL RL players must have the sensors purchased by July 31st to ensure they are used for the pre-season camp starting August 7th.

Playermaker is offering a 25% discount to all One World Soccer families which includes:

  • Two (2) sensors, one for each shoe
  • Access to their application for tracking and reporting
  • Can be used for all training, not just OWS
  • Families own the sensors and app subscription


Discount will be applied at checkout

The sensors can be used for all training and not tied to OWS-specific events. Order today and get a jump-start on your player’s progress preparing them for the upcoming season.

** If purchasing more than one set of sensors, a different email will need to be used for each purchase

If you have any concerns regarding the purchase or the use of Playermaker for your player, please contact