Refund Policy

All One World Soccer fees are non-refundable, except under special circumstances.

One World Soccer seeks to provide not just the opportunity for your children to play soccer, but for your children to enjoy their soccer experience while learning to play the game with skill and passion.  If, for any reason, your child’s experience does not meet this standard, we are committed to correcting that situation and welcome your feedback. However, if the player chooses to leave the club or transfer to another Club at any time, no portion of the fee is refundable.

Special Circumstances:

  • Team Formation: If, for any reason, we are unable to place your child on a One World Soccer team, no matter the timing of our determination, you will receive a full refund for any fees you have paid to that point.  We will also make every attempt to help find your child an alternative in the immediate area.

  • Injury: If a player is injured in such a manner that the player is unable to participate the remainder of the seasonal year, the Treasurer and OWS Board of Directors will make a determination if any part of the fee is refundable (To request a refund due to season ending injury, a medical doctor’s letter must accompany the written request verifying the injury and that the injury prevents the player from participating).

  • Moving Away: If the player moves beyond a reasonable travel distance before the end of the season, a portion of the yearly club fee may be refunded at the sole discretion of the Treasurer and Executive Board of OWS.  Transfer or release of the player will only be granted if all player’s fees and financial obligations have been fulfilled to the Club and Team.

  • Other Circumstances: As stated, OWS fees are non-refundable. If, however, you feel as though you have an extenuating circumstance other than the circumstances described herein, you may send a request for your refund to the Treasurer and/or OWS Executive Board.  You must fully describe your circumstance for your request and may be required to submit supporting documentation.  Any refund decision is at the sole discretion of the Executive Board and no guarantee is made that a refund of any portion of your fees will be given.