The Club


One World Soccer of Texas, Inc., a non-profit organization, is a unique and exciting youth soccer club for boys and girls aged 4-18 in Pflugerville, Texas. At One World Soccer, under the leadership and design of our founder, Daniel Benito, the principles of Spanish Style Soccer are taught to a diverse population of kids as young as 4 years old. Spanish Style Soccer involves short passing and movement, working the soccer ball through various channels, and maintaining possession.  This distinct soccer structure type demands the combination of dynamic individual and collective skill, as well as a healthy trust between every member of the team. This style of soccer has proven to be successful in recent World Cups and has been widely used in Spain for years. Now it is here in Central Texas thanks to Daniel Benito and available to you!

One World Soccer of Texas, founded in 2011 as a training organization, is experiencing steady growth and huge success in the last year since the program became a member of the Capial Area Youth Soccer Association (CAYSA) (One World Soccer became full members of CAYSA in 2014) in order to put teams in area and Statewide leagues.  We are currently serving over 230 kids, 29 teams, and have earned countless medals, trophies and titles.  Many of these kids live right here in Pflugerville, as do most of our Board Members and the Founder, Daniel Benito. To serve the large number of hispanic children participating in the program, our coaches provide bilingual instruction (English and Spanish) at all practices and games.  We are proud to have kids from 19 different countries in this program!  We are from Pflugerville and desire to make Pflugerville our permanent home and to provide world class training to Pflugerville and surrounding area youth.


One World Soccer is solely focused on the development of both male and female youth soccer players, in an environment that believes in their soccer formation, but more importantly; in their personal development. The organization will use techniques utilized in the highly successful “Spanish Soccer National Team” methodology, which demands the combination of individual and collective techniques, finishing techniques and knowledge of the dynamics of the game; that will be later applied on the soccer field.

All soccer training is taught in an environment of passion and respect for the sport, where control of the ball and understanding of game situations are pillars of that learning. We will never put dollars and expansion above the best interests of the kids we serve. Our coaches will be held accountable for their character and ability, to serve as role models, as they will for wins and losses on the field. At the end of the day, we will help mold children into positive leaders of tomorrow on and off the soccer fields.


All soccer training is taught with respect for the sport and in a passionate environment where institutional growth is never placed above the best interests of the kids. Our coaches are held accountable for their character and ability, and are expected to be solid role models for the players. We believe soccer has the power to mold children into positive leaders of tomorrow, on and off the fields.

One World Soccer is designed to bring the elite style of Spanish soccer to our youth. As such, we do not believe in allowing volunteers to “wing it” with your children.  At all age groups, training is designed by Daniel Benito and conducted by highly skilled coaches. Even our U5 through U8 Pre-Academy players receive this top training and this is a major distinction from other area soccer clubs. Our Academy and Select programs have enjoyed great success and have quickly gained a reputation for being very skilled, highly motivated, and very competitive teams no matter where they go.

While Daniel is the head trainer and Executive Director of our club, he has surrounded himself with an excellent group of coaches. Most of them are younger coaches that Daniel has trained to coach in the style that has proven successful for him. The other coaches are like-minded coaches that have seen high rates of success before joining One World Soccer.  One World Soccer coaches truly enjoy teaching and are great role models to the children.


At One World Soccer, our services don’t stop when the season is over nor is there any shortage of supplemental training opportunities. During the season, your registration fee covers all group and team practices Monday through Thursday and games on weekends.

In addition, One World Soccer offers off season training, as well as Spring Break and Summer Camps. Go to the main menu for more information.