One World Soccer is a fully functional 501c3 non-profit youth sports organization. We are a full member of the Capital Area Youth Soccer Association (CAYSA).

The following diagram shows how that affiliation helps us submit teams for area leagues and how it affiliates us all the way up to FIFA, the world wide governing body of soccer!

The parent organization of One World Soccer and other leagues within a 13 county area around Austin, Texas.

The parent organization of CAYSA, It is comprised of 29 Member Associations. Includes the geographic area of Texas stretching from El Paso to Lufkin and from Temple to Brownsville.

This branch of USSF manages youth soccer in the United States. It consists of 55 member associations — one in each of 45 states and two in each of the other 5 (Texas, California, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania).

The national governing body of soccer. The USSF manages soccer in the United States under the auspices of FIFA.

The worldwide governing body of soccer, which is known as football everywhere except in the United States.