2023 – 2024 Board of Directors – Elections

The One World Soccer Board of Directors is holding a general member election to fill essential positions for the club.

The election process consists of a two-week timeline; a call for nominations, the publication of the nominees, and the general election.

August 30

Call for Nominations

September 7

Nominations published for membership

September 13

General Election

Open Positions

  • Vice President of the Board of Directors
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Communications and Technology Officer
  • Sponsorships & Fundraising
  • Member at Large


Candidate Responsibilities

Information and the application for the currently open positions.

Roles of a Board of Director

The board of directors of a nonprofit has three primary legal duties known as the “duty of care,” “duty of loyalty,” and “duty of obedience.”

  1. Duty of Care: Take care of the nonprofit by ensuring prudent use of all assets, including facility, people, and good will;
  2. Duty of Loyalty: Ensure that the nonprofit’s activities and transactions are, first and foremost, advancing its mission; Recognize and disclose conflicts of interest; Make decisions that are in the best interest of the nonprofit corporation; not in the best interest of the individual board member (or any other individual or for-profit entity).
  3. Duty of Obedience: Ensure that the nonprofit obeys applicable laws and regulations; follows its own bylaws; and that the nonprofit adheres to its stated corporate purposes/mission.

The One World Soccer Board of Directors play very significant roles providing guidance to nonprofits by contributing to the organization’s culture, strategic focus, effectiveness, and financial sustainability, as well as serving as ambassadors for the Club.

All nominees should exhibit the following qualities:

  • Passion for the Club and efforts
  • Strong commitment values
  • Open-minded to new ideas
  • Eager to participate
  • Visionary and forward-thinking
  • High-level views and decision making

Candidate Responsibilities

Information and the application for each of the currently open positions.

2023 Candidates

Details and experiences from the candidates for the upcoming election

Election Process

Information regarding how to submit your candidacy and the voting process