Elections Process


Week 1 Elections have concluded, the results have been posted to the Election Results page.


Location: Round Rock Multipurpose Complex


2001 North Kenney Fort Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665

Elections for One World Soccer Commissioner’s open positions will be announced via email communication – November 2, 2022 for the Special Election Voting Meeting.
The Special Election Meetings – November 2nd Tuesday – November 16th Tuesday 
An email communication will be sent 11/2/2021, all eligible applicants/nominations have 5 days to submit an application from the date of announcement for their candidacy review. Saturday November 6, 2021 at 5pm is the application deadline.
Nominations need to be sent to president@oneworldsoccer.com as soon as possible for timely communication. 
  1. Full Name of the Nomination
  2. player(s),
  3. player’s team
  4. email address and phone number

From the applications only 3 candidates or less will be selected for each open position by a simple executive board review of best qualified

Once selected, the candidates will be notified immediately via email communication or phone call to ensure their acceptance.Saturday after 5pm Maximum of 3 candidates will be contacted for each open commissioner position, total candidates is no more than 9 persons. 

Each candidate will then be able to present a resume of their expertise and qualifications and a short video maximum 3 minutes which will be posted on the One World Soccer Election Webpage for the 48 to 72 hours leading up to the elections and during the vote.

2 days, 48 hours to 72 hours from Saturday the 6th of November, each candidate for Commissioner will attend the special election membership meeting for the voting process- November 9th Tuesday at 5pm.

In order for the candidates to speak to the general membership and answer any general questions about themselves each candidate will be given a maximum of 10 minutes during the special election session meeting, this time is used to introduce themselves and speak to the general membership on why they are the best candidate for the position as well as take a few live questions, time permitting,

Web voting via google docs will be the voting platform, voting time is 1hr for each open position (will commence as soon as all candidates have presented themselves to the general membership) 


A link will be posted on a special election website page for reference.

A majority vote will determine the new board member. 

An official acceptance for the winner is needed from the candidate and a special announcement will be posted on the web page.