Open Positions

2021 OWS/BAA Commissioner Nonprofit Application for Qualified Candidate



  • 3 years of leadership or project management
  • 2 years managing events
  • Experience as board member of a nonprofit or a board member advisor or OWS/BAA board advisor/Ex-officio Board positions or volunteer projects and positions held
  • Experience as a volunteer/and or previous soccer playing experience or soccer coaching experience
  • Academy Soccer knowledge
  • 1-2 years of proven record of progressive success
  • Successfully pass a screening, including a background check
  • Should be able to communicate with a wide range of people
  • Reports to & evaluated by: OWS president and VP
  • Chair and Supervises: Committee Program Coordinator and Volunteers

Essential Duties & Performance Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the organizational integrity of the Membership competition
  • Oversee the playing establishment and enforcement of rules governing play
  • Act in accordance with common sense principles on any and all matters pertaining to the everyday operation of the nonprofit organization
  • Plans, coordinates and directs a comprehensive sports program for all age groups on a Year-round basis; tournaments, college ID, soccer camps and indoor soccer
  • Develops and administers a continuous off-season conditioning and recruitment program for both volunteer members and players
  • Acts as liaison between; parents, players and coaches, administrators and Board of Directors
  • Works alongside Athletic and Membership Directors to provide support and guidance
  • Makes an attempt to attend all mandatory county, league and club meetings in regards to league meetings as a OWS/BAA league representative;
  • Shall provide a monthly status report on our soccer at board meetings;
  • Develops and organizes a membership recruiting schedule
  • Coordinates the use of athletic fields and gyms at various sites throughout the county in conjunction with school officials, county, and local Parks and Recreation with input from the OWS board of Directors and DOC
  • Assist the registration in the completion of all Sports Questionnaires and rosters due to County; supports the OWS register, scheduler and referee assignor
  • Solicits, trains and maintains an adequate volunteer membership of group and team parents for OWS/BAA events and committees
  • Establishes, develops and maintains sound public relations between members, Board of Directors, Athletic Directors, coaches, and players.
  • Certify that all coaches have completed the background and safe sport class and all membership requirements or insure that all coaches are certified and insured
  • Recruit a Committee, Program Coordinator and any other additional staff persons needed to assist with the day to day operations of the program (Note: all OWS committees will have to be approved through the President and VP of the club)
  • Commissioner shall be responsible for reviewing all participant rosters, physical forms, books, and waivers required by CAYSA, South Texas Youth Soccer Association and USC for competition

Board Responsibility

  • Commissioner or his/her designee shall be available during all scheduled association play, or on field disputes, the Commissioner’s decision on the field is considered be final as a league representative (risk management, player and parent conduct)
  • The Commissioner shall be responsible for providing all association updates and rule changes in writing to the Board, as necessary.
  • The Commissioner shall make sure that all association volunteers have club identification (club risk management audit) clearly available at any and all sports program functions up to and including practices, scrammages, games, etc.
  • Shall attend regular operational meetings and be familiar with each team’s head coach and assistant coaches, also keep DOC abreast of any rule changes and sport program concerns.
  • The recruiting of players for placement on teams
  • Works with the DOC to cover all plans and coordinates game responsibilities including officials, locations, and needed equipment
  • Attend and conducts league meetings, collects fees for his or hers nonprofit events, coordinates jamboree and or participates in local city functions, and makes arrangements for awards (if applicable)
  • Works closely with the Administration staff/OWS VP/President and maintains a comprehensive and detailed up-to-date inventory of all equipment owned and/or used by each Commissioner for the athletic programs
  • Conducts a continuous evaluation of the sports programs by doing monthly and quarterly evaluations and reports, and submitting those results to the Board
  • Other duties as assigned by DOC or executive members of the board.
  • Board Agendas and responsibilities
  • Terms of position: This is a full-time, volunteer position to serve for 3 years term and hours are flexible, remote and based of the needs of the nonprofit organization.

All qualifying and interested applicants please fill out the form details below the election process for board review. Note if you are a nomination you must be qualified for the position in order to be a candidate

One World Soccer of Texas Secretary Voting Board Position

The secretary’s duties include managing all the organization’s internal communications and preparing or keeping track of board meeting dates, meeting agendas and minutes from the meeting. The OWS nonprofit profit secretary will attend all board meetings to keep a detailed record of the board’s actions.

One World Soccer of Texas Nonprofit organization operates by a set of bylaws that define the roles of their officers and directors, the board’s size and the manner of its election, how and when meetings are called and by whom, and the board’s internal functions along with how it obtains and uses its funds. The One World Soccer secretary updates and records all changes in the organization.

OWS nonprofit secretary will be a member of the board, specifically for the organization’s board of directors and its Executive Director of Coaching.

Core Competencies

The nonprofit secretary requires the understanding and knowledge of the nonprofit corporation’s thrust and purpose. The person in this position needs a background in nonprofit organizational law or the ability to review, recite and act in accordance with nonprofit law. The person in this position will have a strong and consistent nonprofit or volunteer history. Also a general understanding of how a nonprofit corporation functions internally, as most have a tax-exempt status under the law. The nonprofit board secretary must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and the ability to interact with board officials, directors and the organization’s membership, all of whom come from multiple business or cultural backgrounds.

Board Meetings and Minutes

The secretary’s duties include managing all the organization’s internal communications and preparing or keeping track of board meeting dates, meeting agendas and minutes from the meeting. The not-for-profit corporate secretary might attend all board meetings to keep a detailed record of the board’s actions. The board’s actions during the meeting are later typed up and sent to the organization’s entire membership as a recap of the events and the votes or decisions that transpired during the meeting.

Key Role

The nonprofit secretary operates as the custodian of the corporation’s records. This duty involves ensuring the organizational records are maintained according to law and are available upon request by authorized board members or executive management. This includes updating the organization’s bylaws and maintaining its articles of incorporation along with keeping accurate and up-to-date records of its membership, board minutes, financial reports and other important documents. The nonprofit corporate secretary also manages the general communications of the organization’s board of directors and its executives.

Board Member Position

This position is nonprofit board officer and directors volunteers and their efforts to the nonprofit organization.

The OWS/BAA Secretary will be a Chair for the Meetings Committee and Scholarship Committee.

Meetings Committee Chair

OWS/BAA Meetings Committee Chair will coordinate and facilitate larger events in the club. Meetings committees take responsibility for such things as organizing annual meetings, attending membership conferences or hosting them, coaching seminars, referee workshops, OWS/BBA community events or projects and other educational-type events. Some meetings committees do the work themselves, while others hire professionals to manage the many details of choosing a venue, planning for food and entertainment, renting equipment, budgeting and setting up the schedule or format of events. This committee may also work closely with the marketing and public relations committees to help get the word out about events.

OWS Scholarship Committee Chair

The Scholarships Committee provides financial assistance to families or guardians of players in need who qualify through scholarship money as budgeted by the OWS/BAA Board. The OWS Scholarships Committee provides that assistance to players that are in need of financial assistance for things like registration, club participating tournaments and possible travel. The Chairperson for the scholarship committee is responsible for the overall coordination and direction of the scholarship program. The Chairperson reports to the President and Treasurer. Responsibilities Create, publicize, and promote a scholarship application process during the fall and spring season. Seek and secure members to serve on the committee. Maintain regular communication for publicity and the review process with committee members. Using the budgetary funding amount provided by the Executive Board, determine the categories, quantity, and dollar amount of awards.  Fall: Create the application process in a timely manner and provide the details, requirements, and deadline(s) for the process in the fall registration. Winter: Notify Admin Coordinators, OWS/BAA Committee Chairs, and the Communications and Technology Officer of the proposed deadline for the application process so that general membership are informed and the website updated.  Send an electronic confirmation receipt to all applicants. Forward evaluation forms and copies of all applications to the committee members, and advise them of the deadline(s) to review the applicants. After the recipient selection(s) notify all applicants of the results and provide similar information to the President, Treasurer, Communications and Technology Officer, and Registration point of contact. Contact the successful recipients and inform them of any specific requirements and/or expectations during the confidential application process in order for them to receive the full scholarship amount that will be awarded. Once the expectations are met, a communication is sent to each recipient. Create scholarship certificates and acknowledge the successful recipients.  Keep a record of the names, contact information, and scholarship amounts to communicate During the next Board Meeting for proper record‐keeping.

You’ll need to have:

  • Advanced subject matter expertise in task management or event planning

  • Experience in nonprofit field, scholarship experience is a plus; Board experience preferred or 2 years experience as an executive assistant or qualifying skills

  • 3 years of high level experience providing organizational leadership with an organization engaged in communication or operational work.

  • 3 years of building & cultivate strong organizational and membership relationships

  • 2 years of volunteer work in any soccer academies, soccer federations, nonprofit policy and nonprofit advocacy or similar

  • Must adhere to OWS/BAA bylaws and any and all nonprofit laws, rules and regulations.

  • Must adhere to the terms and condition of the soccer membership federation OWS/BAA are members of.